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To be honest, if someone had asked me about a year ago to point out Kyrgyzstan on a global map I probably would only have been ​able to do so very, very roughly. Influenced by the great photograhers Jack Harding and Albert Dros and driven by the ongoing desire to camp outside in the mountains under the night sky, I started planning my first trip to Kyrgyzstan in December 2021.

Back then I had only watched a couple documentaries about the country but I was instantly fascinated and blown away by the beauty. For the next nine months I acquired more knowledge about the country and the culture as well as started gathering all my equipment for the trip. And at the end of August 2022 Matthias and I finally took off to Kyrgyzstan - the country whose surface consists of 80% mountains.

Despite having travelled many different countries before, the taxi ride from the airport to downtown Bishkek with cows basically walking on the highway was an adventure on its own. The next 2.5 weeks we would mainly travel around eastern Kyrgyzstan, sleeping in our own tents or even yurts, see amazing places and meet wonderful people.

Our highlights were a 4-day hiking trip to Ala Kul lake, the Canyon of Forgotten Rivers, and the Kel Suu region.

I definitely want to go back one day and explore the rest of the country!

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