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Portugal is not only famous for its pastry tartlets Pastéis de Nata, but also for the kindness of its inhabitants, the outstanding food and its picturesque landscapes.


When the opportunity arose to spend the whole of October 2021 in the city of Porto, I couldn't say no. Working remotely while visiting my girlfriend, Fini, during her Master's degree was a perfect homebase to explore the city from after work everyday and on the weekends. For me, October was a great month as in late summer the temperatures are moderate while still having lots of sunshine. 

Porto is a scenic city close to Portugal's northern coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. The city is divided by the river Douro. In the historic center, you can spend days and nights in cute cafés, delicious restaurants and fancy bars.

Luckily, we were also able to take some days off and fly to Madeira. To me, this small island in the Atlantic Ocean with its geological and biological diversity appears to be a little miracle. Although we didn't have the greatest weather, we still enjoyed every minute of it.  We were able to return in 2022 and got really lucky with the weather this time.

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