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After spending one year in Montana during high school, I fell in love with the USA. I visited California for the first time in 2017 and didn't want to leave. So, when the opportunity arose in March 2020 to do a two-week road trip through the Sunshine State, I couldn't say no. However, the whole trip was accompanied by the news of the global pandemic and first local lockdowns in San Francisco and San José.

We started off by getting sun-burned in San Francisco. Then, only to get snowed in at Yosemite National Park two days later. We headed further down south to see the biggest tree in the world: The General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park. As I always wanted to shoot the Milky Way from a very dark place, we spent a night outside in Joshua Tree National Park on our way to San Diego. Although the timing for shooting the Milky Way was not perfect (we had an early moon rise), I have rarely seen such a wonderful night sky before.

On the coastal cliffs of San Diego, we enjoyed the turquoise water, saw cute baby seals, and watched beautiful sunsets with paragliders right in front of us. Before flying back to Germany, we had to visit the “City of Angels” - Los Angeles and, of course, the world famous, Venice Beach.

For me, California is worth a visit all year round!

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