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The Dolomites in Northern Italy are worth a visit any time of the year. While offering perfect slopes with beautiful views for skiers and snowboarders during winter, the Dolomites turn into a paradise for hikers, motorcycle riders, and racing cyclists during spring and summer. 

I visited the Dolomites in July 2021 for the first time. Surprisingly, it didn't seem to be too busy, maybe still as a result of the pandemic. My brother, Norman, and I spent those days relaxing, hiking, and shooting photos at some wonderful and impressive locations. One morning, we got up really early to catch the sunrise at Lago di Braies (highly recommended!) after which we headed on further to Tre Cime di Lavaredo for a - to our surprise - extremely tough hike. But in the end, it definitely was worth it as we were rewarded with great views.

In my experience, the Dolomites offer incredible opportunities for active recreation combined with stunning nature and world famous photo spots.


When visiting the heart of Tuscany, especially between the cities of Siena and Montepulciano - at some point - you will most likely feel as if you were right in the middle of the ancient Roman Empire. Not for nothing have many directors of world famous movies (e.     g. "Gladiator") chosen Tuscany as the location for their most impressive scenes.

Fini and I spent one week in Tuscany in June 2022 and were welcomed by blue skies, golden wheat fields and lush green plants which produced wonderful contrasts in scenery. Following the long, curvy roads you can spot stunning century-old mansions with paths lined with rows of cypress trees.

I can definitely recommend visiting Montepulciano. Located on top of a hill and surrounded by thick walls, this old town offers charming cafés, fabulous restaurants and some great views. From the top of city hall there is a fantastic, 360° view of the town and the surrounding countryside. If you want to experience some really delicious food, you should check out the restaurants in the northern part of Montepulciano.

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