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Our trip to Vietnam in May 2019 didn't start off as planned. On our way to Hanoi, we had a long layover at the airport in Beijing. Because of this, we had planned to leave the airport and see the city. Unfortunately, the security didn't approve our short-term visa without giving a reason. So, we had to stay in the airport for over 20 hours while most of the shops were closed and the internet access was blocked by the government. 

However, after arriving in Hanoi and spending the first few nights in and around Sa Pa, the exhaustion quickly vanished. We were lucky to be able to walk through the famous "train street" in Hanoi (which is not allowed anymore) and had the best Vietnamese food. We can also recommend trying out the local street food markets with a huge variety of meals.


After visiting the rice terraces of Sa Pa and driving close to the Chinese border on a scooter, we took a night bus to Ha Long in order to visit the floating markets of Ha Long Bay. Afterwards, we headed south to Da Nang and further on to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). We ended our three-week trip by relaxing and enjoying some wonderful sunsets in Phú Quốc

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